Kevin Blackburn, Professional Photographer for Richmond Va and Washington, D.C. Area

Kevin Blackburn / director of creative chaos

Kevn Blackburn Photographer

Simply Speaking

A guy with a camera creating work that makes me and my clients happy and feel good.


The Bigger Picture

As a young boy using small 110 and 410 cameras then the gift of a Yashica 35mm at age twelve, I have been fascinated with photography and the photographic process most of my life. I Studied traditional arts in High School and College and working as a photojournalist and commercial photographer for more than 20 years. I am more in love with my craft than ever. I am fascinated with the possibilities that lay before me in the digital age and just what can be created to share mine and my client's vision.


As a Commercial Photographer, my current interests are leading down the path to constructed imagery. Some create in-camera using traditional photographic methods others built in the digital darkroom.


As a Photojournalist, I am looking at how our digital world allows us to rapidly record and share news and editorial content faster than ever before and on platforms never before available.

As a Virginia based Photographer/Artist living in the Shenandoah Valley, I am lucky to live and create in one of the most beautiful areas of the east coast. While most of my work focuses on the Virginia and Mid-Atlantic region, I travel across the United States and around the globe to create inspiring imagery.