About Me


I'm not a survivalist, and my definition of "bushcraft" may not be yours. :)


 I am a pretty simple guy born and primarily raised in VA. I have a misspent youth in the running around the national forest and state parks where I grew up in VA and PA. I was blessed to have great teachers, including my dad and many others when I was young, who taught me the importance of the natural world and how it provides for us, and the importance of taking care of it for our future and future generations. I grew up Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and scouting. Little did I realize how important this early learning would be while I was in the USAF and working as a firefighter paramedic and in SAR roles in these careers.  After this, I spent 20 years running my own business. In the fall of 2020 retired at 46 and started Bushcraft Adventure Virginia sharing the part of my life I have loved and done as a hobby turning it into my next adventure in my life, teaching others. I also became a certified gunsmith well because the DVA paid for it, and I was interested in it, which leads to my rule #1 NEVER STOP LEARNING!

I have a no-nonsense approach to teaching Bushcraft and Survival Skills. I am not a fan of badges, patches, and certificates. NONE of these will save your life when things go wrong, and they don't make your time in the woods more enjoyable; knowledge and experience do this. So remember the experiences you have are up to you, and when things go wrong, EXPECT TO SELF RESCUE NO-ONE IS COMING!

A few personal philosophies

  • The prepared mind and heart are how we enjoy the outdoors and stay alive when things go wrong. ( I have had to self-rescue more than once) 

  • Primitive is excellent, but there is no need to torture yourself needlessly (It's OK to use a tent, etc.) 

  • Knowledge of the past and historic skills is paramount but see #1 

  • It's ok to buy the tools; you don't have to make everything

  • Knowledge is excellent, but NOTES will save your life

  • What I am sharing and teaching is nothing new, nor is it earth-shattering many people teach this; I am just funnier and don't take myself too seriously

  • Lastly, I do not know it all, and I expect to be challenged by and learn from my students; this is how we all make it better