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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

Back again the Re-Shoot that wasn't a Re-Shoot

I had the chance recently to photograph a newly renovated space that I had shot back in 2009 when it had just been renovated by the previous owners and business. I really love Architectural photography and I enjoy aviation photography and when this chance to not only capture a space after nearly seven years but to be able to do it when the work being done is the same just under a new brand I get really excited. It is always fun to do before and after photos but these are before and after with a twist about a seven year and new brand twist. The really cool part for me is allot of my friends I had made while shooting for Landmark Aviation were still here just now wearing Jet Aviation logos. I


TOP FIVE REASONS TO HIRE AND ASSIGNMENT PHOTOGRAPHER While I can not remember exactly where I read the article that gave me the idea for the list bellow ( I think maybe BlackStar Rising's BLOG) It was one of those things that jumped out at me and really made me think. and to be honest I think they even had a list but I created mine to fit more the type of work that I do! 1. Changes in your company. Companies are often the sum of their employees, products, or services. Employees change CEOs come and go boards change products and services are updated. These need to properly documented not only to stay current but also to stay ahead of the competition. 2. Portraying a story in your marketing pr

Tribeca Blu

TRIBECA BLU Over the years I have been to NYC a few times for assignments and I can say I love visiting the big apple. So when we had the chance to photograph the Tirbeca Blu Hotel on Canal St in Manhattan this year I jumped at the chance. This is a great little boutique hotel on Broadway and Canal near Little Italy and Chinatown it is a great place to stay and even better to shoot. We even had the chance to get out visit the area spend some time street shooting and creating images for the client to use that showed the neighborhood as well as a great hotel

The Myth of Perfection

As photographers and artist we strive for perfection. We study hard and work harder and by any means possible we beat ourselves up over not being perfect or the fact that our work is not perfect. We have this very unhealthy obsession with the P word and the fact is it can and does often get in the way of our creative process and stops us dead in our tracks. The simple fact is There is no such thing as the PERFECT image. It really is that simple and the sooner we accept this as artist the better off we will be because that's one less road block to creation which means we can create more and all of our work will get better. I should explain a little bit about the perception of perfection. The

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