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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

First full day of fall.

I love every season, Spring for the new growth and a feeling of rebirth and things new with cool spring mornings and the spring rains that bring things seemingly back to life. Summer well it is summer the pool the beach no school and even amazing post thunderstorm sunsets. Winter especially after a snow when everything is so clean and so quiet it feels like the ultimate peace on earth. But fall for me holds a special place in my heart. As an artist there is just something about all of the color and the special feel and smell in the cool air. It is one of those seasons that that is simply near perfect. See more of our fall image collection HERE

The Camera it's part of me!

The camera what does it do for me? The camera takes away everything and gives me everything I need all at the same time. With a camera in my hand it is only me my tools and whatever I am capturing everything else fades away. All the stress and worries of the world all the fear of success and the worry of paying the bills, The physical pains I have and the emotional demons I am battling all simply slip away. In place of these things comes a smile and and sense of peace and comfort a happiness that I can only find when I have camera in hand. It is a special time for me. As long as I am shooting it does not matter what I am capturing the subject is irrelevant. It is the simple act of creating c

Do your Commercial Photography Clients Really need you?

So a few weeks back I read a post by a fellow commercial photographer Don Giannatti “ What if clients dont’t really need professional photography” In the article the questin is pondered do commercial clients really still need a professional photographer? While driving in the snow today and enjoying a rare free moment to FREE Shoot (out shooting in our rare local winter wonderland for fine art) and listening to Joe McNalley on a PodCast, He said “picture taking is easy and the fact is picture taking is easy”. In this day and age of truely amazing computerized automated cameras that do allot of the thinking for you picture taking is easy. But here are my thoughts while picture taking is easier

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