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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

An Artist space!

We have all heard about the artist space or studio. Often when talking to an artist, we hear them say the words my studio, my gallery, or my creative space. For an artist, the space in which he or she creates their art is incredibly important. The space in which an artist creates their work is actually often more important than the materials and medium that they choose to use. There are many reasons for this categorization of importance. First item of importance, is that the space needs to fit the artist just like a good jacket fits you during the winter. This perfectly fit jacket provides you with the feeling of safety and comfort even in the worst of weather. Secondly an artist has to hav


THE SECRET TO SUCCESS AS A PHOTOGRAPHER Being successful as a photographer or at least as a people photographer or really successful at any job involving person to person interaction is really a simple matter of being well a good person. Yep it can be that easy. Yes you have to be able to get the shot so you have to be technically capable that's a given, BUT it takes allot more than that. For the commercial work that I do often we are not working with models but most often we are working with the staff of the company and the executives etc. we have an assignment with. Now do you think getting the shot is easy. Well yes and no, yes because the easiest way to do it is to be honest be friendly

A blessed man and a visit to AZ

So let me start by saying I am about as lucky blessed as a guy can get. I have an amazing wife that not only puts up with me but really gets me and most importantly she supports and believes in me. That said because of my wifes support and love for what I love and do I am visiting Arizona to see my best friend and in doing so I had the pleasure of visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. Now for those of you who know me you know as a photographer and artist I am passionate about two main genres Architectural and editorial/fine art so this was an amazing double whammy for me. So while these images are nothing more than hey I visited here they will be a reminder of the things i learned and

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