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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

First Impressions

FIRST IMPRESSIONS AND THE SELFIE PROFILE Social Media is a big part of most businesses these days and there is no denying or hiding from it. Even if the company you work for does not use social media, I am guessing you do be it linked in for professional networking, etc., or Facebook and G+ for both personal and work social outreach. The reason I bring this up is for a few reasons. One, I use Facebook G+ Twitter Linkedn as well as my BLOG and Web site almost daily for our business and Marketing. Being an image maker I know as an artist and photographer the importance of how a great image makes a first impression. So I had my portrait taken by a professional photographer and dear friend! Why

What you Know VS What you Beleive you can do!

Confusing as it may sound this will in the end make sense. I am not 100% sure what triggered this thought but I heard something and boom there it was. I have to first say I am sure I was already in a bit of a suggestible state of mind as it occurred to me as I was driving and in deep thought about the recent loss of two good friends and thinking about legacy. So here we go; it’s going to be a bit of a ride. What you know you can do! This is all the crap that thanks to life's events,education and just experience, you know that when asked you can say I got this. For me as a photographer this really falls into the category of 99% of my commercial work. At this point, after this many years there

A Veterans day thank you from a Veteran and parent of a soldier

Today means something different to everyone. For those who have never served but understand and respect those that have and do serve it means one thing, there are those who have never served and just don't get it and have no regard or respect for the ones that have and do serve and their meaning of the day. Then of course there are those of us who have and are serving and certainly get it and we all joined whatever branch we did for our own reasons. Now there is really one last group that I now find myself a part of. The families of those that have or are serving. This is a unique position to be in, the one of being a family member of a service member. I am very proud to say that I served wi

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