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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

A seemingly simple question

I was at a local business networking event last night, and all was pretty much what you would expect and mostly the same questions I always get. What type of photography do you do or Oh so do you shoot weddings and stuff? The latter I will return to in another post, but generally, I explain I am a commercial photographer with a basic list of things I shoot and clients. However, I got a question last night I have not been asked before. I have heard this asked of others before but never directed at me. So what’s your favorite thing to photograph Like if you could only shoot one thing starting tomorrow for the rest of your life or career what would that be? One would think this would be easy to

Christina's Cafe

On a recent weekend getaway Carrie and I had the pleasure to spend the weekend in and around Strasburg Virginia. With RT11 running right through the middle of town this seemed like the perfect chance to create the first post for this adventure. Christina's Cafe is an interesting and eclectic place to dine. Carrie and I only had the chance to have breakfast there one morning and coffee and tea the next before heading home and what I can say is what a treasure. The menu is well rounded and interesting and dare I say most likely something for everyone. If breakfast is any indicator of the rest of the meals then I would go here for and meal Lunch dinner or even just coffee and tea. I suggest the

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