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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

Sometimes 7-20-18

Sometimes Luck and Serendipity play a significant role in success. Let me start by saying I love my clients ALL of them. Most times things go as expected there is plenty of planning and lead time and a window in case of weather or other issues. Sometimes there isn't. This time we were under the gun, as they say, My client reached out said hey here is what we need for this publication to finish the story. Here is the problem I have no idea what stage the construction may be in, I keep getting conflicting information from my local contact the client told me and we need to make it work. My answer as always is that's what I am here, for now, what the drop-dead date and can you send me any inform

Somthing in the air

So I had the chance the other day to go out and wander to shoot here where I live. Few things I love more than creating in my backyard so to

Sometimes 7-6-18

So sometimes all you need to do is create some very formal portraits of a dog or two. These images were created for our local groomer that our pups visit. I did this as a side fun shoot to help out getting the business started, and I did it pro bono! Some photographers will lose their minds and start chastising me for doing free work but the fact is and here is the shocker!!! Doing free job is OK! However, if you are going to do work for free First make sure the bills are all paid then do free work only on your terms and only you can decide what these terms are. What are my terms for free work? If they come asking for free work or the top three reasons they ask for free is their budget, The

Sometimes 7-3-18

And Sometimes all you need is a Wife that is willing to put up with your artistic fits and even encourage them and then a few kids and a dog to let you chase them around with a camera and torture them :-)

Sometimes! 07-02-18

So this may end up a series it may not but I think it's funny so I am going to share. Everyone gets in a funk! Artist is no different and may even be more prone to this regardless of our medium. Fact is Depression, suicide and mental illness seems to have taken a bit of front stage recently with the most recent round of celebrity suicides. The other point is I struggle my self with depression and PTSD add this to being an artist and well it is a cocktail for some odd times. This is not about that It is about the fact that sometimes we are up sometimes we are down and SOMETIMES what we need is? And right now Sometimes all you need is a goofy as hell friend that is effortlessly as weird as yo

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