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Professional Photographer Blog from Kevin Blackburn

Why photographers SHOULD photograph their loved ones

Ok so here it is. I am a commercial business to business and editorial photographer and videographer. This means that my day to day outside of personal projects and my fine art work are filled with photographing and recording the needs of businesses and corporations large and small and the occasional editorial story. I love what I do even on the tough days I love the work and the people. I especially love a good challenge from a client. In my personal projects and free times, I love photographing and meeting strangers. What I have and many other photographers regardless of their specific genre of photography tend to struggle with is photographing family especially when it is photography mayb

Earth Day 2019

No matter where you stand on the issue of this big marble we wander the universe on and despite your view on global warming and pollution etc. Today is about far more than these things. In the big picture for me at least it is about these things but it is about being a good human! It's about all of us coming together as a global community to take care of the planet and each other. So plant a tree or clean something up but most important do something nice for someone today even better do something beautiful for a total stranger today! I have been blessed to work with many individuals, NGO's, and Companies large and small that despite the regulations and rules all work very hard to exceed the

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