Welcome to my course selection page. I believe in a modern approach to survival and bushcraft and while in the more advanced course we will explore more primitive knowledge and techniques most courses have a far more modern approach. I do this simply because it is the fasted most effective way to get you out enjoying the outdoors and all mother nature has to offer and hopefully starting with a great experience that leaves you wanting to return to her for more!

I am the sole instructor and bring my experience as well as all I have learned from others over the years, I have two goals for each class first that the students learn and have fun and that I learn at least one new thing from my students. 

Course Descriptions and signup 

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$100 escape challenge 1 night 2-day challenge  

Basic Woodcraft and Survival Camping 2 nights 2 days

Intermediate 2 nights 2 days



Advanced 3 nights 4 days (long weekend) 

A week in the woods Friday Night to the following Sunday 9 days 8 nights