Here at Kevin Blackburn Photography and Gallery, we are struggling like many of you. We want to give back and help as many as we can. So with this limited edition print here is the plan. Purchase any size you like and with all of the profits, we are making special necessity gift boxes to give to those in our local community that are in need. Things like non-perishable food items toiletries heck even coloring books and educational games for the kiddos.  Remember the bigger the print the more we can buy to give away. 

Have someone in mind for the gift, not a problem simply send me an email HERE with the detail and I will personally see to it's deliver and we can make it from you or anonymous


So details for example with our current system production cost it about 50% plus Credit Card processing of 2.7 % so 52.7% so 47.3% will go directly to buying the gift boxes.  Don't want the print just want to donate to the project. you can do that HERE 

Have questions email me HERE

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