Food photographs tend to be shot and composed the way we daily encounter our food: laid out on a table setting and shot from a forward perspective, i.e., from the diner's point of view Great but it does not always show off the food and make it look as inviting as it does from a traditional point of view. We work hard to arranged and present the food to be as attractive and inviting as it can be. Often this means shooting from unique angles and making novel compositions. The ultimate goal of our food photography is to make the viewer's mouth water so they crave it and can’t wait to take the first bite. Ultimately we want to present the food as simple, clean and natural as possible and with little props, often using effects such as selective focus, tilted plates, and extreme close-ups. These methods complement trends in professional cooking to make the food more visually appealing. These techniques like varying the height of dishes tend to increase, and their elements are often layered, which lends itself well to narrow-angled shots.