The Myth of Perfection

As photographers and artist we strive for perfection. We study hard and work harder and by any means possible we beat ourselves up over not being perfect or the fact that our work is not perfect. We have this very unhealthy obsession with the P word and the fact is it can and does often get in the way of our creative process and stops us dead in our tracks.

The simple fact is There is no such thing as the PERFECT image. It really is that simple and the sooner we accept this as artist the better off we will be because that's one less road block to creation which means we can create more and all of our work will get better.

I should explain a little bit about the perception of perfection. The perfection I am talking about is the artist vision and view of perfection. This idea we have is unrealistic and to be honest artist can and will always find something they don’t like and can improve in their work. Now the perception that really matters especially to the artist making a living with their art. The clients and collectors perception. This at the end of the day may be more important and this is a fact of the art life I have finally come to grips with. I pay my bills with my art work and I have come to accept that so long as the client or collector find it perfect to fit their needs then I should be happy and proud of the work I am producing.

All of this sadi if the client is happy I still need to be happy but I also need to maintain a healthy view of how I can improve and do better so I can grow and create better work but always keeping in mind I will never reach what I view as perfection.

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