While I can not remember exactly where I read the article that gave me the idea for the list bellow ( I think maybe BlackStar Rising's BLOG) It was one of those things that jumped out at me and really made me think. and to be honest I think they even had a list but I created mine to fit more the type of work that I do!

1. Changes in your company. Companies are often the sum of their employees, products, or services. Employees change CEOs come and go boards change products and services are updated. These need to properly documented not only to stay current but also to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Portraying a story in your marketing presence. Your product and service a special and specific to your company and this cannot be obtained through stock imaging.

3. Annual reports, While the annual report at the end of the day is all about numbers the fact remains that it needs to be presented in a well dressed package. The investors looking at your annual report want to know the numbers but they also need the visual reinforcement that the company is healthy growing and on the cutting edge of its industry. This best be achieved by great images that show in a split second what investors and employee's want to see. A great image is worth a thousand words!

4. Special events, Be it the installation of a product or the annual meeting or company party. These events only happen once and there is no redo. A professional assignment photographer is capable of working quickly capturing fast moving events and being able to adapt to unexpected changes ensuring your one-time event is captured.

5.When First Impressions may be the only Impression, The first impression is king just ask any Marketing or Branding Professional and as they started saying in the 50’s the grand age of advertising You only get one chance to make a first impression

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