Back again the Re-Shoot that wasn't a Re-Shoot

I had the chance recently to photograph a newly renovated space that I had shot back in 2009 when it had just been renovated by the previous owners and business. I really love Architectural photography and I enjoy aviation photography and when this chance to not only capture a space after nearly seven years but to be able to do it when the work being done is the same just under a new brand I get really excited.

It is always fun to do before and after photos but these are before and after with a twist about a seven year and new brand twist. The really cool part for me is allot of my friends I had made while shooting for Landmark Aviation were still here just now wearing Jet Aviation logos.

I pride myself on being a regular guy and getting to know people and because of this effort this is the reason I had the chance to do this project, Friends from the old brand remembered me and what fun we had and when the new owners asked on of the managers to help find a photog I was the first call and I have to admit this really made me feel great.

The shoot was on inauguration day 2017 and it was a little hectic but it was fun and successful and most importantly I got to see old friends and catch up and to make new friends for suture projects.

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