Music is art but it’s not just art to some artist.

Music is art but it’s not just art to some artist.

Hang with me for a minute while I set the scene as they say and for those who know me this is a bit of a winding road but we will get there. We inherit a lot from our parents hence the saying I am turning into my parents etc. Some is from the way we were raised and some from life's experiences and the like. Others are genetic or in our DNA and are hardwired other things they are just there and we are not sure why. The last one is very true for my dad and I and is another post altogether but this one is a dad connections nonetheless.

My dad had high blood pressure and it was primarily brought on by stress and some secondary dietary stuff. But even after changing his eating habits it was still high and had to be treated up to the day he left the high stress job he had. Well I have to say I have inherited this stress induced hypertension. And well my eating habits are honestly very good we eat very healthy and I exercise 5-6 days a week and I am an active guy, Well the Doc’s are treating me with meds and it is what it is. But it all got me to thinking.

I need to reduce the stress or at least find a better way of managing it. Yoga was suggested as well as meditation. Well my life is crazy at best and instead of yoga I chose racquetball with my wife not the same but it seems to help and as for meditation I am getting there and this brings me to the point of this post.

I decided I do not have allot of free time but i needed to do something. As of late I have gotten tired of radio even NPR I am just over the craziness I have no control over and tired of politics and nonsense that well raises my blood pressure. SOOOOOO. I started listened to a relaxation station on pandora on my drives to and from the gallery and well to and from anywhere. And I noticed something. I feel better and I feel calmer. Now for the real eye opener. I am a photographer and it's often all about light, and shape and color . Well on the drive home the other day listening to my relaxation station I found I drove a little slower and I was seemingly more aware of things I was passing and I was seeing and experiencing the much more differently. It was inspiring! Now the trick will be finding a way to maybe (safely ) wear head phone while I go out and shoot and see what that does to my work and see how I feel.

So like the disney song goes whistle while you work I won't be whistling but I will be listening to music. And I can't wait to see how all this not only affects my artwork but my blood pressure.

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