A blessed man and a visit to AZ

So let me start by saying I am about as lucky blessed as a guy can get. I have an amazing wife that not only puts up with me but really gets me and most importantly she supports and believes in me.

That said because of my wifes support and love for what I love and do I am visiting Arizona to see my best friend and in doing so I had the pleasure of visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin

West. Now for those of you who know me you know as a photographer and artist I am passionate about two main genres Architectural and editorial/fine art so this was an amazing double whammy for me.

So while these images are nothing more than hey I visited here they will be a reminder of the things i learned and a great experience. The biggest take away from the Taliesin West visit was a re-enforcement of an idea I have talked about before. Actually two ideas I guess. First in art if you want to make your living there are two kinds of work we have to do the work that puts food on the table and the work that feeds our souls as artist. I have said it before this is just how you have to do things for 98% of us if you don't want a real job and only want to work in your chosen art field you just have to take some projects that pay the bills even if they are not 100% you passion. The only other option is to starve or get a 9 to 5 and only create what you are passionate about on weekends. I choose to do the previous and I am much happier. The second is do what you love and as they say you will never work a day in your life. Mr Wright nailed it and it is obvious at Taliesin this is the place where his passion flowed not only for the creation of architecture but for the sharing and creating of new architects cities and artists to carry on his passion now 79 years after he is gone.

All in all a very inspirational place and tour and a reminder to keep my head and heart in the right space.

Thank you my loving wife for this truly amazing opportunity. I love you so much.

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