An Artist space!

October 24, 2017

We have all heard about the artist space or studio. Often when talking to an artist, we hear them say the words my studio, my gallery, or my creative space. For an artist, the space in which he or she creates their art is incredibly important. The space in which an artist creates their work is actually often more  important than the materials and medium that they choose to use. There are many reasons for this categorization of importance. First item of importance, is that the space needs to fit the artist just like a good jacket fits you during the winter. This perfectly fit jacket provides you with the feeling of safety and comfort even in the worst of weather. Secondly an artist has to have enough room to work with the tools that they use as well as the infrastructure to work with them. Third and likely the most important, is that the space that the artist uses needs to feel right. The space needs to be a sanctuary of vision and ideas and a place where those visions can be fed and nurtured. An artist's studio should serve as inspiration and be a holy place of sorts.