What you Know VS What you Beleive you can do!

Confusing as it may sound this will in the end make sense. I am not 100% sure what triggered this thought but I heard something and boom there it was. I have to first say I am sure I was already in a bit of a suggestible state of mind as it occurred to me as I was driving and in deep thought about the recent loss of two good friends and thinking about legacy.

So here we go; it’s going to be a bit of a ride.

What you know you can do! This is all the crap that thanks to life's events,education and just experience, you know that when asked you can say I got this. For me as a photographer this really falls into the category of 99% of my commercial work. At this point, after this many years there’s too much that comes my way that throws me or causes panic (note this is in the realm of the work I do IE architecture,annual report stuff and of course my Fine Art work.) you call me for a fashion shoot there is going to be some panic if I say yes to the assignment but I will most likely turn it down. Not because I can’t to it but because, I do not want to do it. It’s just not my thing. But this will lead into the believe part in a bit.

The fact is there are a lot of things in life I know I can do, be it photographically or otherwise. For instance install a new garage door, fix a window, change the oil in my car or build a bookshelf. I know I can do this stuff because I have done it or I know the skill set and tools needed, I have the tools or can borrow them and I can complete the project at hand. The list of stuff I know or I know I can do can be endless if we want to list every little thing. But that's not the point. The point is to know is simple and then you do what you know and there is no fuss over it.

My wife often asks me, “How did you know how to do that?” The honest and simple answer most often is I am not sure I just do. Now of course we all have youtube to lean on for the things we think we can do if we had just a little guidance and it often all works out great, however is a big difference between what we think we can do and what we believe we can do.