First Impressions


Social Media is a big part of most businesses these days and there is no denying or hiding from it. Even if the company you work for does not use social media, I am guessing you do be it linked in for professional networking, etc., or Facebook and G+ for both personal and work social outreach.

The reason I bring this up is for a few reasons. One, I use Facebook G+ Twitter Linkedn as well as my BLOG and Web site almost daily for our business and Marketing. Being an image maker I know as an artist and photographer the importance of how a great image makes a first impression.

So I had my portrait taken by a professional photographer and dear friend! Why? Simply because I am good but not that good to photograph myself and create an image that should be someone’s first impression of me! A good image is a part of your branding not only your business but you as a person and professional.

So I ask the question, why do so many “professionals” have terrible head shots and avatars for their web and social media presence?

Is it cost? I can only argue cost so much, simply because what everyone can and cannot afford is different. I would dare say that it is most important to put the best first impression forward.