A seemingly simple question

I was at a local business networking event last night, and all was pretty much what you would expect and mostly the same questions I always get. What type of photography do you do or Oh so do you shoot weddings and stuff? The latter I will return to in another post, but generally, I explain I am a commercial photographer with a basic list of things I shoot and clients.

However, I got a question last night I have not been asked before. I have heard this asked of others before but never directed at me.

So what’s your favorite thing to photograph Like if you could only shoot one thing starting tomorrow for the rest of your life or career what would that be?

One would think this would be easy to answer, but it was more difficult than I could have imagined. However, I quickly came up with my answer, and now in a review, I stand 100% behind it.

The answer is well people picture! Alternatively, if I need to be more descriptive. What allot would call street photography to be it candid or portraits the fact is anything with people and I mean people I can interact with and talk to learn about them and their lives. Heck, take a look at my in public gallery here. See the thing is I am curious, and I do like people and their stories. Moreover, portraits/street photos have always held a special place in my soul.

I had it covered, and then I was asked with one more question... So what's your favorite photo you have ever taken?

This one was easy. It was a portrait of my dad. Nothing great nothing special but it tells my dad's entire story as I know him in one image and to be honest; it is one of those images that are better than I am. In other words, the photo is better to work than I think I am routinely capable of. However, that's just me being self-deprecating.

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