Sometimes! 07-02-18

So this may end up a series it may not but I think it's funny so I am going to share.

Everyone gets in a funk! Artist is no different and may even be more prone to this regardless of our medium. Fact is Depression, suicide and mental illness seems to have taken a bit of front stage recently with the most recent round of celebrity suicides. The other point is I struggle my self with depression and PTSD add this to being an artist and well it is a cocktail for some odd times. This is not about that It is about the fact that sometimes we are up sometimes we are down and SOMETIMES what we need is?

And right now Sometimes all you need is a goofy as hell friend that is effortlessly as weird as you and dare I say maybe a little weirder. I had the chance to visit my best bud Michael in AZ last fall and can not wait to go back and see him again, but when I was there it boosted me and the images I made while I was there have lifted me again today on a down day!

Enjoy :-) and share.

Remember two things when you are low there is always someone willing to help, and there is still someone way worse than you that maybe you can help!

Another Sometimes Tomorrow on The pople that make a difference !

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