Sometimes 7-6-18

So sometimes all you need to do is create some very formal portraits of a dog or two.

These images were created for our local groomer that our pups visit. I did this as a side fun shoot to help out getting the business started, and I did it pro bono! Some photographers will lose their minds and start chastising me for doing free work but the fact is and here is the shocker!!! Doing free job is OK! However, if you are going to do work for free First make sure the bills are all paid then do free work only on your terms and only you can decide what these terms are.

What are my terms for free work? If they come asking for free work or the top three reasons they ask for free is their budget, The great exposure it will give me, or this will get you in the door for a future project. I say NO. So when will I do it for free? 1: I think it is exciting and I can create portfolio images from it, 2: I see a need be it for a new or existing business or non-profit and I feel strongly about helping them and what they are doing. It will help me bust a creative funk I may be in or help create or strengthen networking relationships.

These I just did to help our groomer out and to have fun making formal portraits of dogs, Something I had not done, and it was a blast.

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