Sometimes 7-20-18

Sometimes Luck and Serendipity play a significant role in success.

Let me start by saying I love my clients ALL of them. Most times things go as expected there is plenty of planning and lead time and a window in case of weather or other issues. Sometimes there isn't.

This time we were under the gun, as they say, My client reached out said hey here is what we need for this publication to finish the story. Here is the problem I have no idea what stage the construction may be in, I keep getting conflicting information from my local contact the client told me and we need to make it work.

My answer as always is that's what I am here, for now, what the drop-dead date and can you send me any information you have. This time it all worked out. It worked out great, and my timing could not have been better, and planning experience, luck and yes serendipity made it a successful shoot.

The client received the images they needed in time and was happy, I had fun, and I got a portfolio image or two out of the project

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