What could you do if no-one told you that you could't

I saw this saying a long time ago on a card, and I even bought the card to use as a reminder of this compelling statement.

"What could you do if no one told you that you couldn't." Similarly and more popular "What would you do if you knew you would not fail."

Both profound both strong statements and both important for a very different reason. Let's start with "what would you do if no one told you couldn't" First off fact is as adults who need someone else's permission to do anything especially as creatives, and let me be clear that is the voice I am using my creative voice. We should never wait for anyone's permission or approval to do the things we want and to create the art or projects we want to create. So to hell with what everyone else thinks or has to say just do it, Whatever it is!

Now "what would you do if you knew you could not fail"

For me this is total BS it's like dreaming about winning the lottery but never buying a ticket. Failing is a part of life fear of failure should motivate you not scare you or hold you back. Trust me as a guy who has held himself back numerous times for fear of failure, but there is something important here. When I don't let fear of failure stop me, I do one of two things. I merely, succeed, or I fail, and if I fail, I learn from the failure, and I try again then I succeed!

Here is the most important lesson I take from these. As artists, we tend to be the ones spending time convincing ourselves we can not do something or that we are doomed to fail long before anyone else says a word. And in my experience, the vast majority of people around us could not care less about what we do or if we are going to fail.

I am more guilty of this than most, and I am more than happy to own it. And in writing this, I am just convincing myself to say the hell with what everyone else thinks I am going to do what I want and I WILL SUCCEED!

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