Why photographers SHOULD photograph their loved ones

Ok so here it is. I am a commercial business to business and editorial photographer and videographer. This means that my day to day outside of personal projects and my fine art work are filled with photographing and recording the needs of businesses and corporations large and small and the occasional editorial story.

I love what I do even on the tough days I love the work and the people. I especially love a good challenge from a client. In my personal projects and free times, I love photographing and meeting strangers. What I have and many other photographers regardless of their specific genre of photography tend to struggle with is photographing family especially when it is photography maybe not of our choosing or not in our day to day wheelhouse as the saying goes. In my cases things like babies or maternity or even the annual Homecoming and prom photos but here's the thing. I do it sometimes reluctantly Ok always reluctantly but once we get started like any other project it all falls into place and it is fun. Even more than that I am making others happy and I am spending time with loved ones doing something I love, and I get to make sure they are getting beautiful images they deserve.

Here is the more important thing. I have over the years made a few portraits that are incredibly important to me often simple portraits, but they are some of my favorites and most important they are something I hold onto very tightly. A portrait of my dad at work (maybe my favorite image of all time) A portrait of my mom in the back of an ambulance as an EMT not a patient, The portraits of my wife for various uses in different studios we have had and of my stepchildren and my son. Even my sister inlaws maternity photos x 2 with her husband these all have very fond memories for me and while they are not what I "do for a living" these opportunities all gave me new energy, and many of them hang in a particular place on my latest studio wall and are a reminder every day that I am here how all the photos I create are essential for me to have created them and to keep doing so.

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