One of the many things that have been going on.

I am truly blessed to have had a hectic year so far, and I do hope it continues. In the middle of several big shoots for existing clients, I have had the chance to shoot a few smaller projects. One that was very cool was for Peg's Salt for her use in her Whole Foods feature.

This lead to the second project of a chance to photograph the house we used for her shoot. The owners were super about allowing us to use the house for the Pegs Salt shoot, and after meeting them and talking with them, they asked me to photograph their new home as a gift for the architect.

The point being is this. After all these years a, Is a photographer I have learned to hold myself to this set of "rules" A project must meet a minimum of three of the following to take it on. And these are in no particular order.

(MORE ON THESE TO COME) * I have the time in the schedule * There is a significant relationship to be built * It is interesting to me or a portfolio-worthy project * Money and this one for me has become the last thought and not the heaviest weighed in the decision-making process

Enjoy and Share Kevin

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