The way I've seen it.

This small library is outside a farm house in rural VA in Augusta County. A rare site in spots like this most are found on small town main drags or near churches.

When I started the RT 50 project, I had made a few test trips and then even a couple of full-on long trips for the project. Of course, long before COVID and one of the things I kept seeing and photographing were these Take a book Leave a book box.

I even started noticing these on my day to day travels in many small and larger communities I would pass through. I frequently stop and check them out and photograph them. I also take time to see what is there to read. There is a standard assortment of paperback airport novels and the like, but there is always a selection of children's books and classics I would call them. They always seem to have a good choice.

Some are sponsored by local businesses or even the local library, but most are just cared for by the community's people. I also noticed the same kind of box, usually a bit bigger but filled with toiletries and necessities. What a great idea on both! These are beautiful ways to look out for your neighbors and help in a very passive and private way keep them going.

I have never seen one emptied or wholly cleared out, and I have seen people stocking them up and the smiles on their faces just knowing they are helping someone they may or may not know is fantastic. I have never stopped and talked to anyone. I feel like that is a bit of an invasion and takes away the anonymity. Things like this make me realize the country as a whole will be just fine, and there are far more good people than evil, and what my parents and grandparents taught me is true—doing for others no matter how small is always the right thing to do. It gives me hope and puts a smile on my face for sure.

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