Time: The way I've seen it.

Time is a funny thing, some say. But here is the reality it is the one thing we can not get more of. We can make more money, grow more food, build new bigger homes, and so on, but time is just what it is, and we only have what is given to us.

(C) Kevin Blackburn Big Meadows Shenandoah National Park 2000-2001

This image was created 19 or more years ago, shortly after I moved home to Virginia on a camping trip with my dad in Shenandoah National Park on a morning walk in big meadows. Just a foggy early summer morning and a bare tree that was dead from the previous years burn in the meadows.

I did not have any clue just what this image would mean to me at the time; I just knew it moved me. Now, after all the years and after my dad's passing, it seems images we create can have many many meanings to us, and we will add to those as life moves forward.

I have printed sold and donated this image as is a few time and I have even created a piece of composite art from it and seems it still gets me after all this time.

As I see it, imagery can change what it means to us over time, work as a placeholder in time and in our memories to help us recall the past, and so much more.

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